Project statements

sex in space :: An installation on the possibilities of sex in space are a natural invitation to humans to creatively traverse our bodies in new ways. Everything will be different on the moon. Sex may be more quietly erotic and peaceful, more effortless, and at same time even more sensational due to the environment there. We may be liberated to discover unexplored sensations and positions in another realm - fresh ways of understanding love, touch and orgasmic experiences await the first explorers.

the female gaze :: An installation of large-scale photographs by Ann-Marie Stillion. Using light, scale and space, my photographic meditations bring the viewer into the beauty and form of the male body. An experience usually reserved for explorations of the female body reveals an emotional landscape which is both timeless and embodied.

churn :: In this project, each individual is photographed in a way that conceals rather than reveals identity. What is seen is a hand, the side of a face, a pair of business shoes, the situation or street scape. Subjects turn away from the camera, not toward it. The figure is a shadow or gesture caught in time and space. It is left to the viewer to establish the story or meaning.

other lives :: In literature, a conceit is an extended metaphor with a complex logic that governs a poetic passage or entire poem. "other lives" combines the unlikely image and material and is therefore my current favorite conceit.

eva :: Eva Washington’s personal story is the story of millions of people around the world who find themselves living without shelter. Eva lives on a small social security payment from her many years of office work; she has no interest in public housing and does not take any form of public assistance. She is a proud woman who might be honored in some societies. In ours, sadly, she cannot find a home. Her dream is to go to Africa.

asian guys hair :: Asian Guys Hair became character studies of passersby stopping momentarily on their way to market or appointments. The project began when I worked for seven years at one of the oldest Asian English language papers in Seattle.

Video installation at 4Culture King County Electronic Gallery

As the reception at e4C, the King County electronic gallery, came to a close, we took a chair outside for Eva and watched the video installation where it is meant to be viewed--from the street. "Eva Washington: sweet are the uses of adversity" played on continuous rotation from 6 a.m. 10 p.m. daily Feb. 2010-2011.

Photo by Ann-Marie Stillion